About Us

Dandelion Team believes that education makes a world of difference. Through education and training we provide the skills and knowledge for individuals to transform their own lives and communities.

Our practical, life-enhancing projects enable long-term, sustainable change by building people’s skills, knowledge and understanding. We don’t just focus on A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 but embed literacy skills into health, work skills, civic participation and peacebuilding

Helping marginalized people transform their lives

Certain groups of people in the Global South are more likely to miss out on the power of education. These include people from minority ethnic groups, people with disabilities and those living in extremely rural or poor areas.

Many of our projects focus on educating women, as two-thirds of the world’s illiterate people are female. Women are more likely to be poor and have little access to their rights. Yet educating women is one of the best ways to improve a family’s health, income and future.

Who we work with

We work where we can have the most impact.

All of our projects are run in partnership with community-based organizations. We combine their local knowledge and our educational expertise.

We strengthen our partners’ ability to serve their community – by training staff or developing educational resources. We also connect like-minded organizations to share learning and perspectives.

In Dandelion project, we often say that education makes a world of difference. Here’s how.

  • Training excluded women in work skills and hygiene practices to integrate them in society and help them earn a living.
  • Raising awareness of women’s rights to decrease domestic violence.
  • Helping women to acquire IT skills and join the digital society.
  • Enabling people to have a say in issues affecting their lives by voting in local and national elections.
  • Assisting workers to acquire employment rights.
  • Helping men and women to take on leadership roles

Reza Rezaee

Director of programs

Mostafa Asgari

Director of commiunication

Morteza Ajami


Mohajer Ramazani


Navid Zohdi

Fundraising Officer

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Account Manager

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Amir Goharshady

Austria Representative

Fateme Neshat

Human Resource

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England Representative

Hamid Porreza

Director of Primary Education