Support for 20 Marginalized Children

Last year, we went on a tour to the town Khousf, province of South Khorasan in the Iran and noticed that many public school students who live in near areas are going to school by foot. We could estimate that some of them go as far as 3 to 6 kilometers away in the morning and the same distance back home at late afternoon. Some of them used to stay with some relatives who live near the school so they go home only during weekends. So seeing them walking in groups on weekdays made me realize the hardships they go through even at a very young age so that they can have better lives (hopefully) in the future.

We have contacted some of the teachers in the public school, to help us identify these students so that we can assess the most needy of them and deserve support. We want to provide them bicycles so that they can be inspired to study well by making it easier to go to school.

We are willing to top-up the needed amount to help more students get funded to get their own bicycles and, hopefully, even support in their school supplies.

We have dreams for them. We hope you can dream with us and someday wake up to that future where they live better lives and they themselves dream for others.