Why Education?

Dandelion project is based on the fact that education makes a world of difference. Education is the key to tackling poverty, improving health and building brighter futures. Through education and training individuals use skills to transform their own lives and communities.

From local to global

Our projects are local but our impact is global. We believe helping one person directly, helps hundreds indirectly in the community. Enabling our local partners to spread their reach means that each year our work benefits around 100,000 people.

Our approach

Practical skills to address real-life problems are central to all our projects.

Our work involves practical education and training, with literacy at the heart. By literacy we mean more than just the skills of reading, writing and numeracy; we see literacy as a tool for transformation under a broad definition which embraces IT and other media resources. Participants learn to read ballot papers, fill in forms online, weigh produce or calculate change – depending on what they need most.


Our projects fall into three key categories:

Health Education

Improving people’s quality of life through education about nutrition, hygiene, reproductive health and HIV & AIDS.




Strengthening sustainable livelihoods by teaching marginalised adults work, agricultural or business skills.

Peace Building

Assisting communities affected by conflict to build peaceful futures by reducing prejudice and fear and promoting positive solutions.